Wendy Williams Slams Cardi B After Pregnancy Reveal: ‘Cardi And Offset Will Not Get Married’ (The REAL Reason)

The cat’s out of the bag, as we all know: Cardi B is pregnant and Offset is the father.

Our estimate is Cardi B got pretty close to a 100 percent approval rating on the news. Everyone has seemed happy for the rapper. The fact that she’s self-made, and she’s grinding out a tour and a new album only highlighted her wins.

But there’s one person who has stepped back from the situation, and has started asking the difficult, unpopular questions. Of course, that person is the always-controversial talk show host, Wendy Williams.

As a matter of fact, she’s saying the complete opposite of what the rest of the public is saying in regards to Cardi and Offset’s baby news, and it’s making people say, “Maybe Wendy has a point.”

The talk show host’s beef with the union between Cardi and Offset was aired out yesterday on the air when Williams was analyzing the mom-to-be’s SNL performance of “Be Careful.”

“Now I don’t know if you know this, but Cardi’s engagement ring wasn’t on while she was performing [on SNL],” Williams said, providing expert testimony like she was breaking down the Kennedy assassination tape.

“You would think that a baby and an engagement ring would go hand in hand, especially at a time like this, you’re about to do the big reveal!” Williams continued, and maybe she has a point.

Why wasn’t Cardi not wearing the $500,000 engagement ring Offset gave her this past November? After all, the SNL performance was basically her pregnancy announcement since she had yet to state the obvious.

There really isn’t any other reason for Cardi to not wear her engagement ring other then to signal that not all was right with her and her fiancee. And have you analyzed the lyrics of “Be Careful?” They’re basically a warning shot to Offset:

Gave you TLC, you wanna creep and shit
Poured out my whole heart to a piece of shit
Man, I thought you would’ve learned your lesson
‘Bout likin’ pictures, not returnin’ texts
I guess it’s fine, man, I get the message

“If she’s happy, fine,” Williams continued. “[But] I don’t think she and Offset will get married. I think it’s what hip hop/rock and roll people do these days, they just have babies and move along with their lives.”

These are bold words from a woman who’s going through a shaky marriage herself, but she has a point. Then Williams went deep by pointing out that while this will be Cardi’s first child, it’s Offset’s “fourth baby with four [different] moms. There might be an alleged 5th on the way, as we speak.” So Cardi would be #6? It looks like it’s in Offset’s court now.

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