Safaree Exposes Nicki Minaj’s Cheating Ways As He Reveals The First Time She Cheated On Nas

If you’re wondering why Nicki Minaj has been seen once in public since this past Christmas, it’s probably because of drama like this. In this case, her drama’s coming from her ex Safaree.

In a recent interview on ItsBizKit, Murda Mook, and Movie Matt’s “Easily Offended” podcast, the “Love & Hip Hop” star spoke about how he felt when he found out his girl (at the time) Nicki Minaj made out with Nas behind his back.

Apparently, the incident went down at a video shoot for one of Sarafee’s songs. It was an all-day shoot, but he remembers stepping away from the set for an hour to smoke some weed.


“I was there. You wanna know what’s so crazy?,” Sarafee says. “I didn’t know it happened until the video came out. I ain’t gonna lie I was hurt. I was there the whole day.”


“I was like, ‘Damn did that happen when I left to go?’ I must have left for like an hour.” The kiss happened in 2012, so you have to wonder exactly how long have Nicki and Nas been been hooking up? Here’s the other thing. If Sarafee knew about this alleged kiss in 2012, how come we’re just hearing about it now. Nicki seems to be taking a lot of shots while she flies under the radar.


Is Sarafree taking advantage of the fact Nicki probably won’t retaliate? She’s hasn’t posted anything on her social media account since last December.

And the only time she’s been seen in a public setting was March 3 when she was seen out at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Oscar after party. Before that several sources reported that she was in rehab for cocaine and Percocet. It was also reported that she was using the time in rehab to recover from some major plastic surgery.

So is Safaree using this musty old story to give him some headlines to boost sales and streams of his new music. He seems genuinely upset about Nicki’s betrayal, but I question his motives. If Safaree still cares for Nicki as much as it seems like he does, why is he dragging her name through the mud like all of her other haters. He doesn’t benefit from this info, as a matter of fact, he takes the retroactive L from a scandal that happened over six years ago.



Get over it Safaree — this is ancient history, and you’re only making yourself look bad.





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