Rapper Remy Ma Goes On An All-Vegan Diet And Just Revealed Her New Body -Look How Skinny She Got! (Photos)

What happened to Remy Ma? She’s looks fine – of course, it’s not like she wasn’t attracted before, but she recently went through a drastic weight loss, but she’s one of the few who dropped weight without dangerous surgery or Spanx.

Her weight loss didn’t happen overnight though. According to her, she’s been on a strict diet and heavy exercise regimen for several months now, and she’s finally showing off the results.

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Has she been doing those fly-by-night fad diets? According to what she told Wendy Williams when she started losing weight back in November 2017, she’s keeping her weight-loss program simple.

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“You look stunning! I didn’t know if it was Spanx or what when I saw pictures of you,” Williams said during a interview with Remy on The Wendy Williams Show. “What are you doing?”

The 37-year-old rapper revealed everything. “Well, first I did a juicing thing and cleansed everything, and then I stopped eating meat,” she admitted. But she’s no vegetarian.

“I only do like seafood here and there,” she continued. “Mostly fruits and vegetables, and water, water, water.” It’s a simple diet, and she was quick to admit that her hotness level increased dramatically, and almost immediately…

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