Nicki Minaj Is Posting Cryptic Mystery Tweets After 4 Months Of Internet Silence And She’s Got Everyone Talking (What’s She Up To?)

Wait… was that… yes it was! Nicki Minaj is back on her social media accounts again, after more than four months of complete silence.

She’s being very cryptic about it though it’s she’s got everyone talking about what she’s up to. People are mixed though: Some are excited, some are suspicious, some are even mad.



— (@Divo_Fierce) March 31, 2018
To be honest, we’re just confused, but it’s not our fault. In 2018, celebrities have abused their social media accounts so much, we don’t know what the hell anything means anymore.

So when Minaj, posted the number “4” on Twitter this past Sunday, only to deleted it, fans were confused, but didn’t raise much of a fuss.

But then yesterday, on Monday afternoon, she tweeted a “3.” She then deleted that. As they say — OK, we say — one tweet is an accident, two tweets is a conspiracy.

And here’s the weird thing: Young Thug jumped on his Twitter account to post “3.” Maybe it Thug’s connected connected to these shenanigans and we’ll get a Young Thug feature on a brand new Nicki song, maybe not. Who knows.

By this pattern, we should probably expect Minaj to tweet out “2” sometime today, which would mean the rapper is definitely dropping a new track sometime this week.

To add to the anticipation, Minaj has also been liking tweets from fans predicting something happening by the end of this week. For example, all of these:

“I said I’m taking off Thursday & Friday but I might need to take off Wednesday too for early mental preparation of what could possibly happen.”

I can’t wait to hear some new Nicki. I’ll refuse to listen to anything else for months after it’s released.

Most recently, Minaj was see at LAX flying over to France. Then she was seen walking around Paris, but she didn’t say a word to the press. Everything is pretty much shrouded in mystery.

But we will say one thing: If Minaj does drop a new track this week — days after Cardi announced her pregnancy and days before her Coachella appearence — expect a beef to be born. The fact that Nicki Minaj is trying to take some of Bardi’s shine could start hip-hop’s grandest war ever.

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