After Nearly Dying Last Week, Rick Ross Performs For The First In Front Of A Packed House In Vegas And It Was Lit! (Pics)

Rick Ross really is the Teflon Don. Somehow, after being what was called his death bed at one point, Ross has bounded back to 100 percent. Actually, he’s better than 100 percent. After four days in the hospital, and another four days on bedrest, Ross looks trimmer and healthier than he has in years. And now, about two weeks later, the rapper is back in front of a sold out stage in Las Vegas.


Ross hit the stage early Sunday morning at The Light nightclub in Las Vegas. It was the first show he’s done since he was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night earlier this month.


So how was Ross’s first show since he’s been back on his feet? By all accounts, Ross was in top form. Ross didn’t mention his recent illness, but he made sure to repeatedly give props to his locked up label mate, Meek Mill. We still don’t know too much about what almost killed Ross. As you’ll remember, Ross was hospitalized in Florida after a friend found him unresponsive at his home and “slobbing at the mouth.”


Of course, there’s another rumor that alludes to the fact that Ross was admitted to the hospital for a mysterious illness he got after a tummy tuck surgery became infected. Would that make sense? Well, it did look like Ross dropped 75 lbs. when he was seen less than a week after he was released from the hospital. Take a look at these photos of Ross at a Miami mall


Four or five days before these photos were taken, Ross was on an ECMO machine and his ex Tia Kemp said he wasn’t going to make it out of the hospital alive. So as you can see now, two weeks later, Ross is back. He rapped a few songs, drank from his double cup, and poured glasses of champagne for some of the ladies in the first row.


All in all, it was a strong comeback for Ross. He punctuated this short gig by getting the packed, sweaty nightclub to chant “Free Meek Mill!” Let’s just hope that double cup was filled with Gatorade.





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