Ariana Grande Is Pregnant: A Source From Her Team Confirms She’s Expecting Mac Miller’s Baby

If you’ve been monitoring Ariana Grande’s social media pages (Twitter and Instagram), you’ll notice that’s she’s been quiet since last year. Not a peep. As a matter of fact, the last thing she wrote on both accounts was a “see you next year.” The thing is, we’re well into March and she’s been radio silent.



The rumors started out as a joke. Fans and rumors started buzzing about Grande “pulling a Kylie” by withdrawing from the public in order to conceal her pregnancy, but there’s now confirmation of truth in the rumor.

As you know, Grande’s been dating rapper Mac Miller since 2016, and reports that she’s expecting the rapper’s child are everywhere on social media this week.

The rumors started out as a joke, but now there’s been confirmation from Adriana’s camp that the “joke” is now reality — Adriana Grande is pregnant.  “Ariana Grande is pregnant with Mac Miller’s baby,” a source on Grande’s team has revealed to The Hollywood Gossip. The source said this with 100 percent certainty.

The source continues: “She is 2 months pregnant and is very excited. She is waiting until at least the 20-week mark to announce it. She was very inspired by Kylie [Jenner] after Facetiming her in October.”

I’m not sure how Adriana Grande could find inspiration from Kylie Jenner in a Facetime session about hiding her pregnancy, but if true, it would explain why her scarcity. The only time she’s made a public appearence anywhere since her last sighting was September 4, 2017 was an unannounced at Madonna’s exclusive Oscars after-party on March 4.


The source also says the last year’s bombing at Ariana’s concert in Manchester made Grande reconsider her priorities and served as a reminder that life is fleeting. “She realized after the Manchester event that her life is always at stake and is getting shorter and shorter every day,” the source continues. “After Christmas when she visited her grandmother, she realized she wants her grandma to see a baby of hers before she passes.”


This recent photo of Grande in a thick jacket with a laptop covering her stomach is telling. If this is really what one of the people on her team are saying, that means Luna or Frank (the future baby’s name according to the source) will be born in September. Should make for an interesting summer for Grande.

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